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I have received a very polite request from BCS to remove the diagnostic test help videos and, of course, have done so.

Although I asked BCS for permission before producing the videos some of the intellectual property involved belongs to a third-party who have not given their permission.

My apologies for any inconvenience and I will be looking for alternative ways to support students.

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Video guides and help for the ECDL Office 2010 syllabi.

Note: ECDL (BCS) have their own regulations for exam conduct that are not the same as the JCQ regulations. The operations manual does not specify whether divider screens can be used but I received the following reply to a query regarding seating from the Quality Assurance Team; the last point being the most relevant regarding the use of dividers (my bold enhancement):


Hello Dave,
Thank you for your email.
There are a few options available for computer spacing.  Ideally each computer would be a minimum of 1m apart, however if they are closer, you can either:
  • use every other computer if learners are testing the same unit
  • use all computers as long as no two learners sat next to each other are testing the same unit
  • use dividers between each computer so learners cannot observe each others’ screens, although you must ensure this does not prevent the invigilator from effectively invigilating the test.
If you have any further queries, please do contact us.

As this is not in the operations manual you may want to check with BCS before ordering if your intention is to use these with their examinations. All other examinations run under the JCQ regulations permit dividers for online examinations.

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