Bespoke Workstation Separation Panelling

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Bespoke Workstation Separation Panelling

We offer a bespoke workstation protection service where panels are cut to your measurements to provide head-to-toe separation.

Panels can be supported by freestanding brackets or with brackets that can be screwed down. Where screwing into desks is not desirable but the more permanent attachment is required a strip of 20mm MDF can be laid on top of the workstation desk and the brackets screwed into it.

The picture below is shown as an example; please contact us with your requirements to confirm costing and feasibility either by telephone to 01304 728188 or by email to 

Bespoke Design

This picture has the following features:

  • The Top Panel:
    • 750mm height above the desk
    • 800mm depth, the measurement from the front edge of the desk to the back part of the panel
    • 400mm overhang that projects beyond the front of the desk
  • The under Table Panel
    • Covering a table height of 700mm
    • 400mm projection from the front of the desk
    • 400mm projection back into the foot well space
    • Cut to pass under the desk supporting structures

This template can help to understand the measurements that we will need to discuss:

Bespoke template

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