6mm Back Support (600mm) With Hole

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  • Back supports for Divider set
  • 550mm x 600mm x 6mm
  • Can be cut to go over wiring etc

Optional Cut Out

The cut out will be centrally located on the bottom edge but if you need custom cutting please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


The back support is designed to be used with our T-Channel stand to hold a divider panel in place between computers.

Back supports come in a range of widths; 200mm, 300mm, and 600mm so custom sized booths to suit any room configuration are possible.

It is possible to join the back supports with U pins to dividers to prevent one row looking through to a row beyond.

It is also possible to cut the panel to allow it to stand over wiring and system boxes. 

200mm Back Support in use with T-Channel and Divider 300mm Back Support in use with T-Channel and Divider 600mm Back Support in use with T-Channel and Divider
Two 300mm Back Supports in use with T-Channels and Dividers and with a further 600mm Back Support used to block the view between rows Back Support Cut to accommodate system box and wiring Cut back support in use with two dividers sets
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