4mm Exam Divider Set

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Order exactly the number you require, our 'set' refers to 1 panel + 1 stand - you don't have to but them in any great quantities to get the discount for buying them together. (Though orders under £75 will have a shipping cost of course)
  • Panel (550mm(w)* x 550mm(h) x 4mm) and stand.
  • Free shipping for orders of 20 or more (UK)
  • Choice of colours: White, Blue or Green
  • Optional Front Fixing:
    • Do without - the set will stand without a front fixing
    • Hook and Loop tape - sticks to desk and panel
    • Front Brace - hooks under desk
    • A 2nd stand

Create a single 'set' below using the options and then use the 'Qty' by the red 'Add to cart' button to order that many sets

*White panels are 600mm x 550mm

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4mm Exam Divider Set
4mm Exam Divider Set

In stock



    Divider Set (4mm)

    Save 20% buying a complete divider (panel and stand) compared to buying the two parts separately.

    1 'set' = 1 stand and 1 panel.

    The new design divider has a number of great features:

    • Fits easily between computers
    • Can slide the stand under wiring
    • Panel is plastic and wipes clean
    • Stand has curved entry for easy panel insertion
    • Panels can be cut if damaged

    Easy fitting

    The stand is approximately 23.5 cm wide so can fit easily in the narrow gaps between system boxes (having computers close together is the reason you need these dividers for examinations in the first place isn't it!)

    The stand can slide under keyboard, mouse and other cabling making it less likely that these connections will be disturbed and cause damage or disruption during the examination.

    Easy clean

    The panels are plastic and can be cleaned with the wipe of a cloth, very similar to cleaning a whiteboard.

    Longer life

    If the edge of the panel becomes damaged (the panels are very tough, made from the same material as an estate agent's 'for sale' board, but we appreciate that schools can be a tougher environment than even the British weather) the edge can be trimmed off with a sharp knife, pair of scissors or my favourite, the art department's guillotine.

    Optional Front Fixing

    We offer a choice of front fixings to add stability to the front end of the panel.

    • Hook and Loop Tape
      • Self-adhesive, one sticks to the desk and one to the panel
      • Needs about 1.5cm per panel
      • 5cm supplied per panel in 50cm lengths
      • Can be cut as required
    • Front Brace
      • Hooks under the desk top
      • 29cm long - can fit to variable depth desktops
      • Slides over the front edge of the panel
      • Demo video
    • Front Stand
      • A 2nd stand, same as used at the back

    Each set includes:

    • 4mm Panel
    • Stand
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