6mm T-Connector

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The 6mm T-Channel holds 6mm plastic sheets firmly in place at 90 degrees so privacy booths can be created.

The T-Channel is designed to hold 6mm panels firmly in place at right angles.

As the panels it holds will need no slots cut into them it is infinitely adjustable and will work with a wide variety of panel widths.

It can be used in a wide variety of positions to suit your needs:

Position 1 (top, rear corner)

 With 200mm Back Support (550mm)  With 300mm Back Support (550mm)  With 600mm Back Support (550mm)

 Position 2 (bottom, rear corner)

 With 200mm Flat Support (50mm)  With 300mm Flat Support (50mm)

Position 3 (bottom, front corner)

This position doesn't hold the divider vertical but can make it easier to fix the front part of the divider to a desk or to use the hook and loop tape.


Flexible Positioning

Because no slots have to be cut into the plastic sheet the T-Channel piece can be placed anywhere along the length of the plastic sheets. 

T-Channel Stand can slide Even to the corner can be stable  Flexible privacy booth possibilities 
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