Row Blocking Partition (4mm)

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Maximum number of characters: 3

Maximum number of characters: 3

Back-to-back partitions solve the problem of students looking at other rows for their answers.

The minimum order is 5 but you can order any number over this (you don't need to order in sets of 5)

Each of the 2 parts measures 600mm by 550mm

Our back-to-back partitions are designed to solve the problem of students being able to look at the screens of computers in other rows. (to be used with the 4mm dividers - supplied separately)

Copying from the next row

Used together with the 4mm dividers they form a barrier to distraction and cheating.

Each back-to-back partition comes as two parts allowing it to be adjustable to accommodate computer wiring and system boxes up to 40cm wide and 13cm tall (but if you have a need for a larger hole just get in touch and we'll see what we do to help).

The two-part screen allows our 4mm divider screens (supplied separately) to be placed up to 1200mm apart but because they can overlap can be used for more closely spaced workstations (who has the luxury of 1200mm between pupils!?).

Each back-to-back partition is fixed temporarily to the 4mm divider screens with the use of U clips, adding only a few minutes to the setting up process before an exam.

Without Back-to-Back Partitions    With Back-to-Back Partitions 

Fixing the partitions to the dividers:

Fixing the partition to the divider Overlapping panels fixing.

The back partitions can be adjusted to fit system boxes and wiring this example is 40cm wide and 13cm tall (specify the size you need at the checkout)

The back panels slide to adjust to many widths

When specifying the cut out please remember to allow extra on the length 1-2cm to allow for the overlap.

Cut out image


 The minimum order is 9 (which is enough to connect 10 divider panels). 

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